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Abraham Lincoln (UA 1930, Walter Huston, Una Merkel)



Significant as Griffith’s first talkie. Tracing the President’s life from his humble birth through his political career, Griffith’s sincere portrait features a standout performance by Walter Huston (father of John and grandfather of Anjelica) as Lincoln.

Lucille La Verne, who plays the midwife in Abraham Lincoln, is probably best known for her final film, though her face is never seen: She provides the voice of the evil queen in the animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937).

production details
USA | United Artists | 96 minutes | 1930

Director: D.W. Griffith
Cinematography: Karl Struss
Editor: John Considine
Music: Hugo Reisenfeld
Script: Stephen Vincent Benet
Set Designer: William Cameron Menzies

Walter Huston as Abraham Lincoln
Una Merkel as Ann Rutledge
William L. Thorne as Tom Lincoln
Lucille La Verne as Mid-Wife
Helen Freeman as Nancy Hanks Lincoln
Otto Hoffman as Offut
Edgar Dearing as Armstrong
Russell Simpson as Lincoln’s Employer
Charles Crockett as Sheriff
Kay Hammond as Mary Todd Lincoln
Helen Ware as Mrs. Edwards
E. Alyn Warren as Stephen A. Douglas / General Grant
Jason Robards Sr. as Herndon
Gordon Thorpe as Tad Lincoln
Ian Keith as John Wilkes Booth
Cameron Prud’Homme as John Hay (Secretary to the President)
James Bradbury Sr. as General Scott
James Eagles as Young Soldier
Oscar Apfel as Secretary of War Stanton
Frank Campeau as General Sheridan
Hobart Bosworth as General Lee
Henry B. Walthall as Colonel Marshall