Abroad with Two Yanks (UA 1944, William Bendix, Dennis O’Keefe)



Two WWII Marine buddies (William Bendix and Dennis O’Keefe) are devoted to each other through thick and thin in the heat of battle. On furlough, however, it’s every man for himself when each tries to win the heart of the same woman (Walker). Comic capers and wartime hilarity include Marines in drag.

Ah, the feminism-challenged Forties: The publicity for Abroad with Two Yanks promised “Two roaring Romeos who thought even the dames were on lend lease!

production details
USA | United Artists | 80 minutes | 1944

Director: Allan Dwan
Producer: Edward Small
Cinematography: Sol Polito
Music: Franz Waxman
Script: Charles Henry Blanke, Lenore J. Coffee, John Van Druten
Production Designer: John Hughes

William Bendix as Biff Koraski
Helen Walker as Joyce Stuart
Dennis O’Keefe as Jeff Reardon
John Loder as Aussie Sgt. Cyril North
George Cleveland as Roderick Stuart
Janet Lambert as Alice
James Flavin as Sgt. Wiggins
Arthur Hunnicutt as Arkie
Steve Dunhill as Handsome
Herbert Evans as Michael, Stuart’s Butler
William Forrest as Col. Hart
John Abbott as Salesman

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