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Across 110th Street (UA 1972, Anthony Quinn, Yaphet Kotto)



The robbery of a Mafia numbers house in Harlem of $300,000 by three black men dressed as police sets off a citywide search for the perpetrators by both the Mob and the police. Quinn and Kotto give fine performances as cops with different goals in the common search. Quinn, as a cop on the take, must balance his greed and the desire for justice.

Across 110th Street features a now-famous title song, performed by Bobby Womack. Director/writer Quentin Tarantino paid respect to the composer by opening his ’70’s crime film homage Jackie Brown (1997) with “Across 110th Street.

production details
USA | United Artists | 102 minutes | 1972

Director: Barry Shear
Producers: Fouad Said, Ralph Serpe
Cinematography: Jack Priestley
Editor: Byron Brandt
Music: J.J. Johnson
Script: Luther Davis
Art Director: Perry Watkins

Anthony Quinn as Capt. Mattelli
Yaphet Kotto as Lt. Pope
Anthony Franciosa as Nick D’Salvio
Antonio Fargas as Henry J. Jackson
Gloria Hendry as Laurelene
Richard Ward as Doc Johnson
Burt Young as Lapides
Robert Sacchi as Hood
Paul Benjamin as Jim Harris