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Across the road (2000, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Clotilde Courau)



Young married couple Jean (JEAN-HUGHES ANGLADE) and Michelle Dorset (CLOTILDE COURAU) are having money troubles when their rich neighbour dies and mysteriously leaves his house in Montmartre to them, complete with maid. The Dorsets move into their new home, but soon discover this gift is not all that it seems. Director: Mathias Ledoux.

production details
France | 90 minutes | 2000

Director: Mathias Ledoux

Jean-Hugues Anglade as Jean
Clotilde Courau as Michelle
Christine Boisson as Clémence
José Garcia as Hugo
Danièle Lebrun as la femme en rouge
Jean Benguigui as Henri de Villard
Emmanuel Salinger as Inspecteur Ruault
Laurence Février as Ghislaine de Villard
Ariel Wizman as Vet
Anne Loiret as Victoria