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Actors, The (2003, Dylan Moran, Michael Caine)



Tom (Dylan Moran) is a struggling actor playing a Nazi stormtrooper in a modern production of Richard III in Dublin. Anthony O’Malley (Michael Caine) is an ageing thespian in the title role, bitter that he’s never received the acclaim (or riches) he feels his talent deserves. But he has a plan to get rich: local gangster Barreller (Michael Gambon) owes money to an even bigger crime boss and if Tom and O’Malley can put on the performance of their lives, they can persuade him to give them the dough. All goes well until Tom falls for Barreller’s daughter Dolores (Lena Headey) and their plan is discovered; now only their acting ability can save their lives…

Although the film is Conor McPherson’s screen debut as a director, his work in the theatre as a writer for such plays as The Weir and The Good Thief have seen him win countless awards, and directing a film about a play and its two principles comes as second nature. Dylan Moran, best known for Black Books, takes his feature film debut in his stride, while Michael Caine, as the raddled, bitter thespian, is both funny and touching in turn.

production details
UK | 91 minutes | 2003

Director: Conor McPherson
Script: Conor McPherson, Neil Jordan,

Michael Caine as Anthony O’Malley
Ben Miller as Clive
Dylan Moran as Tom Quirk
Michael Gambon as Barreller
Lena Headey as Dolores
Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Magnani
Michael McElhatton as Jock
Aisling O’Sullivan as Rita
Abigail Iversen as Mary
Michael Colgan as Audition Director
Deirdre Walsh as Camcorder Girl