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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (MGM 1960, Neville Brand, Eddie Hodges)



From chicken thief to cabin boy, riverboat pilot to circus performer, Huck Finn outsmarts everyone on his way down the muddy Mississippi. This was the first color version of the Mark Twain classic. Veteran Hollywood faces, including Buster Keaton (as a lion tamer!), Sterling Holloway, Andy Devine, Judy Canova, John Carradine, and Mickey Shaughnessy provide colorful support.

Archie Moore, the Light Heavy Weight Champion of the World, who played Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960), held the record for the greatest number of knock-outs with 141.

production details
USA | MGM 108 minutes | 1960

Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Samuel Goldwyn
Original Story: Mark Twain
Cinematography: Ted McCord
Editor: Fredric Steinkamp
Music: Jerome Moross
Script: James Lee
Production Designer: McClure Capps, George W. Davis
Special Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie

Tony Randall as The King of France
Archie Moore as Jim
Eddie Hodges as Huckleberry Finn
Patty McCormack as Joanna Wilkes
Neville Brand as Pap Finn
Mickey Shaughnessy as The Duke
Judy Canova as Sheriff’s wife
Andy Devine as Mr. Carmody
Sherry Jackson as Mary Jane Wilkes
Buster Keaton as Lion Tamer
Finlay Currie as Capt. Sellers
Josephine Hutchinson as Widow Douglas
Parley Baer as Grangeford man
John Carradine as Slave catcher
Royal Dano as Harlan, Sheriff
Harry Dean Stanton as Slave Catcher (as Dean Stanton)
Sterling Holloway as Barber