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Adventures of Martin Eden, The (Columbia 1942, Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor)



Sailor Martin Eden serves on a Merchant Marine ship run by a sadistic captain. He writes of his harsh experiences in a journal, which he one day hopes to have published, exposing the cruelty and barbarity that exists in the Merchant Marines.

Escaping, he sets about bringing his victimizers to justice and in the process freeing his companion Joe Dawson, who was wrongly accused of mutiny. Along the way, Eden falls in love with the impoverished Connie Dawson (Joe’s sister) and rejects the wealthy Ruth Morley.

The Adventures of Martin Eden, adapted from Jack London’s novel, was filmed twice before as Martin Eden (1914) and in Russia as Creation Can’t Be Bought (1918).

production details
USA | Columbia | 87 minutes | 1942

Director: Sidney Salkow
Producer: B. P. Schulberg
Original Story: Jack London
Cinematography: Franz Planer
Editor: Al Clark
Script: W.L. River

Glenn Ford as Martin Eden
Claire Trevor as Connie Dawson
Evelyn Keyes as Ruth Morley
Stuart Erwin as Joe Dawson
Dickie Moore as Johnny
Ian MacDonald as ‘Butch’ Raglan