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Adventures of the Wilderness Family, The (Pacific 1975, Robert Logan, Susan Damante Shaw)



An inspiring tale of a family’s struggle to survive in the mountains. The Robinsons (Skip, Pat, Jenny, and Toby) flee the big city for life in the high Rockies to escape the pressures of modern city life. But Mother Nature tests them, and they must come to terms with their decision and learn to accept it, knowing that a return to the city is not the answer. (Things must go well enough, for they return a few years later in “Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family, Part 2.”)

Between August 12, 1978 and Nov 17, 1978 The Adventures of The Wilderness Family grossed a whopping $257,500 in just one theatre alone in Bangkok, Thailand.

production details
USA | Pacific | 100 minutes | 1975

Director: Stewart Raffill
Producer: Aurthur R. Dubs
Music: Gene Kauer, Douglas Lackey
Script: Stewart Raffill

Robert Logan as Skip Robinson
Susan Damante as Pat Robinson
Hollye Holmes as Jenny
Ham Larsen as Toby
George Buck Flower as Boomer
William Cornford as Pilot
John F. Goff as Doctor #1
Herbert F. Nelson as Doctor #2