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Advise and Consent (Columbia 1962, Henry Fonda, Charles Laughton)



Preminger’s political thriller examines the dark side of politics and its tragic personal repercussions for an essentially decent man. When a President nominates a controversial candidate for Secretary of State, the political dealing and infighting begins as dissident legislators are willing to stoop even to blackmail to stop his confirmation?or assure it.

Preminger seemed to hit his stride lending a documentary tension to legal or political settings, and this is one of his best. Charles Laughton made his final screen appearance in Advise and Consent, playing Senator Seabright “Seb” Cooley, the aging Dixiecrat from South Carolina.

production details
USA | Columbia | 139 minutes | 1962

Producer and Director: Otto Preminger
Original Story: Allen Drury
Cinematography: Sam Leavitt
Editor: Louis R. Loeffler
Music: Jerry Fielding
Script: Wendell Mayes
Production Designer: Lyle Wheeler
Costume Designer: Hope Bryce
Set Designer: Eli Benneche

Henry Fonda as Robert A. Leffingwell
Charles Laughton as Senator Seabright Cooley
Don Murray as Senator Brigham Anderson
Walter Pidgeon as Senate Majority Leader
Peter Lawford as Senator Lafe Smith
Gene Tierney as Dolly Harrison
Franchot Tone as The President
Lew Ayres as The Vice President
Burgess Meredith as Herbert Gelman
Eddie Hodges as Johnny Leffingwell
George Grizzard as Senator Fred Van Ackerman
Inga Swenson as Ellen Anderson
Paul McGrath as Hardiman Fletcher
Will Geer as Senate Minority Leader
Edward Andrews as Senator Orrin Knox
Betty White as Senator Bessie Adams
Malcolm Atterbury as Senator Tom August
Tiki Santos as Senator Kanaho
Raoul De Leon as Senator Velez
Tom Helmore as British Ambassador
Janet Jane Carty as Pidge Anderson
John Granger as Ray Shaff
Larry Tucker as Manuel
Russ Brown as Mike, the Night Watchman
Sid Gould as Bartender
Henry Fountain Ashurst as Senator McCafferty
Kenner G. Kemp as Reporter
Leoda Richards as Senator
Paul Ford as Senator Stanley Danta
J. Edward McKinley as Senator Powell Hanson
Bill Quinn as Senator Paul Hendershot
Hilary Eaves as Lady Maudulayne
Rene Paul as French Ambassador
Michele Montau as Celestine Barre
Raj Mallick as Indian Ambassador
Chet Stratton as Rev. Carney Birch
Paul Stevens as Louis Newborn
Irv Kupcinet as Journalist
Leon Alton as Senator (uncredited)
Walter Bacon as Senator (uncredited)
Eddie Baker as Senator (uncredited)
Brandon Beach as Senator (uncredited)
Roger Clark as Senator (uncredited)
Harry Denny as Senator (uncredited)
George DeNormand as Senator (uncredited)
George Ford as Senator (uncredited)
Clive Halliday as Senator (uncredited)
William Meader as Senator (uncredited)
Sol Murgi as Senator (uncredited)
Paul Power as Senator (uncredited)
Dick Ryan as Senator (uncredited)
Bernard Sell as Senator (uncredited)
Hal Taggart as Senator (uncredited)
Paul Cristo as Senate Gallery Spectator (uncredited)
Stephen Soldi as Senate Gallery Spectator (uncredited)
Harold Miller as Senate Official (uncredited)
Walter Reed as Senate Staff Clerk (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre as Senate Staff Clerk (uncredited)
John Roy as Reporter (uncredited)
Cay Forester as President’s Secretary (uncredited)