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Affairs of Annabel, The (RKO 1938, Lucille Ball, Jack Oakie)



This is the first of the two “Annabel” movies that featured Lucille Ball in late-’30s screwball mode. Ball portrays Annabel Allison, a beautiful starlet who becomes the victim of an overzealous publicity agent (Oakie) who gets her thrown in jail just to make headlines. His plans completely backfire when the show she’s producing gets canceled in her absence.

The Affairs of Annabel was planned to be a series of B comedies but only one sequel followed, Annabel Takes a Tour (1938), as Jack Oakie balked at making any more.

production details
USA | RKO | 134 minutes | 1938

Director: Benjamin Stoloff
Producer: Lou Lusty
Cinematography: Russell Metty
Music: Roy Webb
Script: Bert Granet, Paul Yawitz

Jack Oakie as Lanny Morgan
Lucille Ball as Annabel Allison
Ruth Donnelly as Josephine
Thurston Hall as Major
Fritz Feld as Vladimir
Bradley Page as Webb
Elisabeth Risdon as Mrs. Fletcher
Granville Bates as Mr. Fletcher
Anthony Warde as Bailey
James Burke as Muldoon
Lee Van Atta as Robert Fletcher
Eddie Marr as Martin
Leona Roberts as Mrs. Hurley
Brooks Benedict as Man in Webb’s Office
Stanley Blystone as Cop
Maurice Cass as Dr. Rubnick
Charles Coleman as Perkins – the Butler
Wade Crosby as Scriptwriter
Claire Du Brey as Convict
Mildred Gover as Scarlet – the Maid
George Irving as Warden
Kane Richmond as Detective
Madame Sul-Te-Wan as Benzedrina – a Convict
John Sutton as Man at Newsstand