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Affairs of Dobie Gillis, The (MGM 1953, Bobby Van, Debbie Reynolds)



A boundlessly energetic musical romance, based on Max Shulman’s book, which saw the creation of that archetypical girl-watcher Dobie Gillis. Sparkling tunes, freewheeling dancing, and teen comedy earned Dobie a TV series in 1959, where Dwayne Hickman took over the duties that Bobby Van introduced here.

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis co-stars Bob Fosse, the future director of Cabaret, Lenny and All That Jazz, in the role of Charlie Trask.

production details
USA | MGM | 74 minutes | 1953

Director: Don Weis
Cinematography: William C. Mellor
Editor: Conrad A. Nervig
Script: Max Shulman
Choreographer: Alex Romero

Debbie Reynolds as Pansy Hammer
Bobby Van as Dobie Gillis
Barbara Ruick as Lorna Ellingboe
Bob Fosse as Charlie Trask
Hanley Stafford as George Hammer
Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Eleanor Hammer
Hans Conried as Prof. Pomfritt
Charles Lane as Prof. Obispo
Archer MacDonald as Harry Dorcas
Kathleen Freeman as Stella Kowalski
Almira Sessions as Aunt Naomi
Willis Bouchey as Dr. Askit
Charles Halton as The Dean
Percy Helton as Mr. Hammersmith
Donald Elson as Advisor (uncredited)