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African Treasure (Monogram 1952, Johnny Sheffield, Lyle Talbot)



A typical adventure in Monogram’s “Bomba, the Jungle Boy” series, this pits the jungle boy against two conniving diamond smugglers. The smugglers take a geologist with them in search of the blue volcanic clay that houses troves of diamonds. The district’s commissioner sends Bomba to find them, but he only finds evidence that the geologist has been abandoned after serving his purpose. Bomba encounters the geologist’s daughter, who is searching for her father and, summoning his mystic powers, locates the evildoers.

Johnny Sheffield, who plays Bomba the Jungle Boy in African Treasure, also played Tarzan’s son Boy in several Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller.

production details
USA | Monogram | 70 minutes | 1952

Director: Ford Beebe
Producer: Walter Mirisch
Cinematography: Harry Neumann
Editor: Bruce Schoengarth
Music: Raoul Kraushaar
Script: Ford Beebe
Production Designer: Martin Obzina
Art Director: Robert Priestley

Johnny Sheffield as Bomba
Laurette Luez as Lita Sebastian
Leonard Mudie as Andy Barnes
Arthur Space as Greg
Lane Bradford as Hardy
Martín Garralaga as Pedro Sebastian
Lyle Talbot as Roy DeHaven, alias Pat Gilroy
Smoki Whitfield as Eli