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Against All Flags (Universal 1952, Errol Flynn, Maureen O’Hara)



Errol Flynn stars as a courageous British soldier trying to maneuver his way into a pirate fortress. When he ends up in front of a pirate tribunal, he catches the eye of stunning pirate queen O’Hara.

Although his swashbuckling days were on the wane, Errol Flynn agreed to make the pirate adventure Against all Flags with only a moderate up-front fee but a large percentage of the film’s gross.

production details
USA | Universal | 83 minutes | 1952

Director: George Sherman
Producer: Howard Christie
Cinematography: Russell Metty
Editor: Frank Gross
Music: Hans J. Salter
Script: Joseph Hoffman, Aeneas MacKenzie
Production Design: Alexander Golitzen, Bernard Herzbrun
Costume Designer: Edward Stevenson
Set Design: Oliver Emert, Russell A. Gausman

Errol Flynn as Brian Hawke
Maureen O’Hara as Prudence “Spitfire” Stevens
Anthony Quinn as Captain Roc Brasiliano
Alice Kelley as Princess Patma
Mildred Natwick as Molvina MacGregor
Robert Warwick as Captain Kidd
Harry Cording as Gow
Phil Tully as Jones
Lester Matthews as Sir Cloudsley
Tudor Owen as Williams
Maurice Marsac as Captain Moisson
James Craven as Captain Hornsby
James Fairfax as Cruikshank (barber)
John Alderson as Jonathan Harris
John George as Pirate at Auction (uncredited)