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Air Force (Warner 1943, John Garfield, Gig Young)



The story of the crew manning a B-17 Flying Fortress in action throughout the Pacific is tailor-made for director Hawks, the undisputed master of men-under-pressure adventures. Stirring aerial battle scenes and believable dialogue lift this far above the average WWII propaganda vehicle.

A real B-17 bomber was used for many of the shots in Air Force. It later returned to active duty in the Pacific and was lost at sea with the entire crew. The interior shots for Air Force were filmed within an elaborate replica of the airplane.

Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Original Screenplay.

production details
USA | Warner Bros. | 124 minutes | 1943

Director: Howard Hawks
Producer: Hal B. Wallis
Cinematography: Elmer Dyer, James Wong Howe
Editor: George Amy
Music: Franz Waxman
Script: Dudley Nichols
Special Effects: Roy Davidson, H.F. Koenekamp, Rex Wimpy
Art Director: John Hughes

John Ridgely as Pilot
Gig Young as Co-Pilot
Arthur Kennedy as Bombardier
Charles Drake as Navigator
Harry Carey as Crew Chief
George Tobias as Asst. Crew Chief
John Garfield as Tail Gunner Joe Winocki
James Brown as Pilot Tex Rader
Stanley Ridges as Maj. Mallory – Clark Field
Willard Robertson as Colonel at Hickam Field
Moroni Olsen as Col. Blake
Edward Brophy as Marine Sgt. J.J. Callahan
Richard Lane as Maj. W.G. Roberts
Faye Emerson as Susan McMartin
Addison Richards as Maj. Daniels
James Flavin as Maj. A.M. Bagley
Ward Wood as Radio Operator Peterson
Ray Montgomery as Asst. Radio Operator Chester
Bill Crago as Lieut. P T. Moran
Murray Alper as Butch – Demolition Squad Corporal (uncredited)
Lynn Baggett as Nurse (uncredited)
Rand Brooks as Co-Pilot (uncredited)
James Bush as Clark Field Control Officer (uncredited)
Ann Doran as Mrs. Mary Quincannon (uncredited)
Warren Douglas as Hickam Field Control Officer (uncredited)
Bill Edwards as Soldier (uncredited)
Ross Ford as Second Lieutenant (uncredited)
Ruth Ford as Nurse (uncredited)
Leah Baird as Nurse #2 (uncredited)
John Estes as Orderly (uncredited)
Charles Flynn as Sergeant (uncredited)