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Airport (1970, Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin)



This big-screen adaptation of Arthur Haley’s best-seller rises above Seventies kitsch thanks to Burt Lancaster’s typically measured performance as Mel Bakersfeld, manager of a small Midwestern airport, who has to balance a volatile home life with a snowstorm, a passenger carrying a bomb and a plane stuck in the mud.

production details
USA | 137 minutes | 1970

Novel: Arthur Hailey
Writers: Arthur Hailey, George Seaton
Director: George Seaton

Burt Lancaster as Mel Bakersfeld
Dean Martin as Capt. Vernon Demerest
Jean Seberg as Tanya Livingston
Jacqueline Bisset as Gwen Meighen
George Kennedy as Joe Patroni
Helen Hayes as Ada Quonsett
Van Heflin as D. O. Guerrero
Maureen Stapleton as Inez Guerrero
Barry Nelson as Capt. Anson Harris
John Findlater as Peter Coakley
Larry Gates as Ackerman
Patty Poulsen as Joan – Stewardess
Ena Hartman as Ruth – Stewardess
Malila Saint Duval as Maria – Stewardess
Sharon Harvey as Sally – Stewardess
Lloyd Nolan as Harry Standish
Albert Reed, Jr. as Lt. Ned Ordway
Dana Wynter as Cindy Bakersfeld
Barbara Hale as Sarah Bakersfeld Demerest
Gary Collins as Cy Jordan
Whit Bissell as Mr. Davidson
Robert Patten as Capt. Benson – Pilot
Lisa Gerritsen as Libby Bakersfeld
Ilana Dowding as Robbie Bakersfeld
Paul Picerni as Dr. Compagno
Sandra Gould as Millie Miles
Peter Turgeon as Marcus Rathbone
Eileen Wesson as Judy Barton
Jessie Royce Landis as Mrs. Harriet DuBarry Mossman
Virginia Grey as Mrs. Schultz
Clark Howat as Bert Weatherby
Lew Brown as Reynolds
Leoda Richards as Woman on Dais
James Nolan as Father Steven Lonigan
Jodean Lawrence as Marie Patroni
Nancy Ann Nelson as Bunnie
Dick Winslow as Mr. Schultz
Lou Wagner as Schuyler Schultz
Janis Hansen as Sister Katherine Grace
Mary Jackson as Sister Felice
Shelly Novack as Rollings
Chuck Daniel as Parks
Charles Brewer as Diller
Pat Priest as Mrs. Jerry Copeland – Passenger
William H. O’Brien as Waiter at Men’s Club