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Alexander the Great (UA 1956, Richard Burton, Stanley Baker)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Robert Rossen wrote, produced and directed this lavish historical epic which depicts the Greek military genius Alexander (played by a blonde-wigged Richard Burton) as the scion of a dysfunctional family who must find new worlds to conquer’ in order to prove himself to his father (the always excellent Fredric March). The battle sequences are exciting, the Spanish and Italian landscapes are stunning and there are fascinating performances by the likes of Michael Hordern, Claire Bloom and Harry Andrews.’

Rossen, was blacklisted in the early 1950s, but went on to name names before the House Un-American Activities Committee. He subsequently left the United States and allegedly lived out the rest of his life tortured by his betrayal of old friends.

production details
USA / United Artists / 135 minutes / 1956

Director: Robert Rossen
Producer: Robert Rossen
Director of Photography: Robert Krasker
Editing: Ralph Kemplen
Music:Mario Nascimbene
Script: Robert Rossen
Art Direction: Andre Andreje

Harry Andrews as Darius
Stanley Baker as Attalus
Michael Hordern as Demosthenes
Fredric March as Philip of Macedonia
Richard Burton as Alexander
Claire Bloom as Barsine
Barry Jones as Aristotle
Niall MacGinnis as Parmenio
Peter Cushing as Memmon
Danielle Darrieux as Olympias
Peter Wyngarde as Pausanias
William Squire as Aeschenes
Carlos Baena as Nearchus
Christopher Lee as Nectenabus (voice)
Virgílio Teixeira as Ptolemy (as Virgilio Texeira)
Marisa de Leza as Eurydice (as Marisa De Leza)
Gustavo Rojo as Cleitus
Rubén Rojo as Philotas (as Ruben Rojo)
Helmut Dantine as Nectenabus
Friedrich von Ledebur as Antipater (as Friedrich Ledebur)
Teresa del Río as Roxane (as Teresa Del Rio)
Julio Peña as Arsites
José Nieto as Spithridates (as Jose Nieto)
Larry Taylor as Perdiccas
José Marco as Harpalus (as Jose Marco)
Ricardo Valle as Hephaestion
Carmen Carulla as Stateira
Jesús Luque as Aristander (as Jesus Luque)
Ramsay Ames as Drunken Woman (as Ramsey Ames)
Ellen Rossen as Amytis
Carlos Acevedo as Ochus