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Ali Baba Goes to Town (TCF 1937, Eddie Cantor, Gypsy Rose Lee)



Ali Bobo (Eddie Cantor), an extra working on a splashy Arabian adventure in Hollywood, falls asleep on the set and dreams he is back in ancient Arabia.

There he is hired by Sultan of Baghdad to act as Chief Minister. Resolving to turn Baghdad into a peaceful, happy utopia, Ali sets about decommissioning the Sultan’s army, increasing taxes on the rich, and increasing the availability of jobs.

Understandably, Ali’s new schemes do not wash well with all and pretty soon he has several enemies all bent on murdering him. Overcoming them with the help of a flying carpet, Ali saves the day and then wakes up to find himself back in reality.

Shirley Temple, Tyrone Power and other stars appear at a Hollywood premiere at the end of the movie. The film being shown is the one in which Cantor’s character, a hobo named Al Babson, finds work as an extra.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 81 minutes | 1937
Director: David Butler
Charles Lane as Doctor
John Carradine as Ishak
Ferdinand Gottschalk as Chief Councilor
Warren Hymer as Tramp
Alan Dinehart as Boland
Stanley Fields as Tramp
Maurice Cass as Omar
Paul Hurst as Captain
Eddie Cantor as Ali Baba
Tony Martin as Yusuf
Roland Young as Sultan
June Lang as Princess Miriam
Gypsy Rose Lee as Sultana
Virginia Field as Dinah
Jeni Le Gon as Specialty Dancer
Douglass Dumbrille as Prince Musah