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All American, The (Universal 1953, Tony Curtis, Lori Nelson)All American, The (Universal 1953, Tony Curtis, Lori Nelson)


All American, The (Universal 1953, Tony Curtis, Lori Nelson)



College football star Nick Bonnelli (Tony Curtis) drops out of college after his parents are killed while traveling to one of his games. He signs up with a smaller school, but he decides that he no longer wants anything to do with football–much to the chagrin of fellow students and faculty.

Thankfully, beautiful Sharon (Lori Nelson) gradually helps Nick come out of his shell, and it seems he just may be ready to put his fears to rest about playing football when he shows up to the biggest game of the year–and the players need his help. Aka The Winning Way.

Among the real-life footballers who appear are Tom Harmon, Elmer Willhoite, Jim Sears and Frank Gifford.

production details
USA | Universal | 83 minutes | 1953

Director: Jesse Hibbs
Producer: Aaron Rosenberg
Original Story: Leonard Freeman
Cinematography: Maury Gertsman
Editor: Edward Curtiss
Music: Henry Mancini
Script: D. D. Beauchamp, Robert Libott
Art Direction: Bernard Herzbrun, Eric Orbom

Tony Curtis as Nick Bonelli
Richard Long as Howard Carter
Lori Nelson as Sharon Wallace
Barney Phillips as Coach Clipper Colton
Mamie Van Doren as Susie Ward
Gregg Palmer as Hunter Cameron
Paul Cavanagh as Prof. Carl Banning
Jimmy Hunt as Whizzer
Stuart Whitman as Zip Parker
Douglas Kennedy as Tate Hardy
Frank Gifford as Stan Pomeroy


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