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Anaconda (1997, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight)



A documentary crew on location in the Amazon to film the mysterious Shirishama Indian tribe rescue Paul Sarone (Jon Voight) from drowning. He offers to help them find the tribe they are searching for, but is really a snake hunter with ulterior motives; he is trying to catch the legendary giant anaconda. When the expedition’s leader, Dr Steven Cale (Eric Stoltz), is left delirious by an insect bite, the future of the expedition seems in doubt, until Sarone offers to take over the boat, all the while steering it towards the area where he knows the 40ft man-eating monster lurks for a final showdown.

In the tradition of the best monster movies, Llosa’s computer-generated snake has no mercy, the crew’s number dwindles in suitably scary fashion as they travel towards their destination, the endangered women of the crew are beautiful and the villain is slimy, nasty and entertainingly over-the-top.

production details
USA – Brazil | 89 minutes | 1997

Director: Luis Llosa
Writers: Hans Bauer, Jim Cash

Jennifer Lopez as Terri Flores
Jon Voight as Paul Serone
Kari Wuhrer as Denise Kalberg
Danny Trejo as Poacher
Eric Stoltz as Dr. Steven Cale
Frank Welker as Anaconda (voice)
Ice Cube as Danny Rich
Owen Wilson as Gary Dixon
Jonathan Hyde as Warren Westridge
Vincent Castellanos as Mateo