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Appointment in London (1953, Dirk Bogarde, Dinah Sheridan)Appointment in London (1953, Dirk Bogarde, Dinah Sheridan)


Appointment in London (1953, Dirk Bogarde, Dinah Sheridan)



A strong and convincing screenplay by former Bomber Command Wing Commander John Wooldridge (who, unusually, also composed the film’s excellent musical score) and Robert Westerby, setting the action during one month in 1943. Dirk Bogarde was cast as an RAF wing commander who is understandably under considerable strain after 90 sorties over Germany.

He is relaxed by his friendship with Dinah Sheridan, a war widow, whose affections he wins from American liaison officer William Sylvester. Bogarde’s squadron keeps losing men, including pilot officer Bryan Forbes, whose widow Anne Leon is befriended by Sheridan. When Bogarde is grounded at the height of the Bomber Command offensive over Germany, he and Sylvester take off again on a big raid when replacements are needed.

Philip Leacock, a noted documentary filmmaker, brought depth and unobtrusive comment to a subject which, even in 1952, could easily have become hackneyed in lesser hands.

production details
UK / Rank / 96 minutes / 1953

Director:Philip Leacock
Writers:John Wooldridge, Robert Westerby, from Wooldrige’s book,

Dinah Sheridan as Eve Canyon
Dirk Bogarde as Wing-Commander Tim Mason
Walter Fitzgerald as Dr. Mulvaney, Group Medical Officer
Bryan Forbes as Pilot Officer Peter Greeno, The Brat
Charles Victor as Dobbie, the Innkeeper
Ian Hunter as Group Captain Logan
Bill Kerr as Flight Lieutenant Bill Brown
William Sylvester as “Mac” Baker
Anne Leon as Pam Greeno
Richard Wattis as Pascal
Carl Jaffe as German General


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