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Artists and Models (Paramount 1937, Ida Lupino, Jack Benny)



Snappy musical comedy Artists and Models was helmed by Raoul Walsh with zippy Ida Lupino in the lead.

Mac Brewster heads an advertising agency specializing in big, splashy song-and-dance numbers. When Mac is hired to host the Annual Artists and Models Competition, one of his employees, Paula Sewell, decides to enter. She faces stiff competition from the other, better-connected models contending for the title of the Queen of the Artists and Models.

Artists & Models features a brief appearance by Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Rube Goldberg, best known for his illustrations of complex, whimsical machines. Goldberg also provided story and dialog for the 1930 Three Stooges film Soup to Nuts.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Song (‘Whispers in the Dark’).

Director: Raoul Walsh Producer: Lewis E. Gensler Director of Photography: Victor Milner Editor: Ellsworth Hoagland Composers: Frederick Hollander, Leo Robin Screenwriters: Walter DeLeon, Eve Greene, Sig Herzig, Francis Martin,

production details
USA | Paramount | 97 minutes | 1937

Director: Raoul Walsh

Gail Patrick as Cynthia Wentworth
Jack Benny as Mac Brewster
John Graham Spacey as Englishman
Ida Lupino as Paula Sewell / Paula Monterey
Richard Arlen as Alan Townsend
Ben Blue as Jupiter Pluvius
David Newell as Romeo
Gloria Williams as
Sandra Storme as Model
Judy Canova as Toots
Charles Adler as Himself
James V. Kern as Himself
George Kelly as Himself
Billy Mann as Himself
Cecil Cunningham as Stella
Donald Meek as Dr. Zimmer
Hedda Hopper as Mrs. Townsend
Anne Canova as Specialty
Martha Raye as Specialty
Zeke Canova as Specialty
Andre Kostelanetz as Orchestra Conductor
Russell Patterson as Himself – Artist
Louis Armstrong as Specialty
Connee Boswell as Specialty
Peter Arno as Himself – Artist
McClelland Barclay as Himself – Artist
Arthur William Brown as Himself – Artist
Rube Goldberg as Himself – Artist
John LaGatta as Himself – Artist
Dale Armstrong as 1st Announcer
Art Baker as 2nd Announcer
Jerry Bergen as Bartender
Alan Birmingham as Craig Sheldon
Virginia Brissac as Seamstress
Ethel Clayton as
Elsa Connor as Stenographer
Virginia Dabney as
Jack Daley as (voice)
Edward Earle as Flunky
Deanie Gordon as Dancer in ‘Public Melody No. 1’
Madelon Grey as Marjorie
Carl Harbaugh as King
Harry Hayden as Early
Dell Henderson as Lord
Howard C. Hickman as Mr. Currie
Jerry Jerome as G-Man
Harry C. Johnson as Juggler
Kathryn Kay as Lois
Bernie Lamont as G-Man
Bert LeBaron as G-Man
Nick Lukats as Photographer
John Marshall as
Alphonse Martell as Waiter
Irene McAfee as Dog and Horse Act Member
Jack McAfee as Dog and Horse Act Member
Dorothy McHugh as
Rex Moore as Attendant
Pat Moran as Tumbler
Harvey Poirier as Sharpshooter
Alexander Pollard as Waiter
‘Little Billy’ Rhodes as King
David Robel as Accordianist
Mary Shepherd as Water-Waltzer
Antrim Short as
Reginald Simpson as G-Man
Jack Starry as Cycling Star
Jack Trevor as Cycling Star
Jane Weir as Ms. Gordon
Gloria Wheeden as Water-Waltzer
Don Wilson as Himself – Radio Speaker (voice)