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At the Earth’s Core (AIP 1976, Doug McClure, Peter Cushing)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Set in the Victorian era, this science-fiction adventure stars Doug McClure and Peter Cushing as scientists who take their earth-boring machine on a test mission and wind up in the land of Pellucidar, where they are enslaved by bird-like creatures. McClure falls in love with another captive (Caroline Munro) and seeks to rescue her. Good special effects enhance the fun story, based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel.

At the Earth’s Core was the second in a trilogy of Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptations directed by Kevin Connor and starring Doug McClure. The others were The Land That Time Forgot (1975) and The People That Time Forgot (1977).

production details
UK-US | AIP | 90 minutes | 1976

Director: Kevin Connor
Producer: John Dark
Director of Photography: Alan Hume
Editors: John Ireland, Barry Peters
Composer: Mike Vickers
Screenwriter: Milton Subotsky
Art Director: Bert Davey

Doug McClure as David Innes
Peter Cushing as Dr. Abner Perry
Caroline Munro as Princess Dia
Cy Grant as Ra
Godfrey James as Ghak
Sean Lynch as Hoojah
Keith Barron as Dowsett
Helen Gill as Maisie
Anthony Verner as Gadsby
Robert Gillespie as Photographer
Michael Crane as Jubal
Bobby Parr as Sagoth Chief
Andee Cromarty as Girl Slave