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Baby Face Harrington (MGM 1935)Baby Face Harrington (MGM 1935)


Baby Face Harrington (MGM 1935)



Baby Face Harrington is a comedic gangster-movie spoof, in which a man who is already having a hard time in his job, his social life, and his marriage, is kidnapped by a bunch of thugs. News that his wife plans to divorce him almost sends him reeling over the edge before, half-unwittingly, he becomes a hero of sorts.

Raoul Walsh, who directed the amiable gangster comedy Baby Face Harrington (1935), made several classics of the gangster genre, including Regeneration (1915), The Roaring Twenties (1939), High Sierra (1941) and White Heat (1949).

production details
USA | MGM | 62 minutes | 1935

Director: Raoul Walsh
Script: Nunnally Johnson, Edwin H. Knopf, Edgar Selwyn, William LeBaron,

Harry C. Bradley as Bank Cashier
Edward Nugent as Albert
Nat Pendleton as Rocky Bannister
Bert Hanlon as Waiter with Eggs
Will Stanton as Drunken Prisoner
Stanley Fields as “Murder” Mullens
Lee Phelps as Policeman
Wilbur Mack as Charlie – Reporter
Dale Van Sickel as Country Club Patron
Charles Butterworth as Willie Harrington
Una Merkel as Millicent Harrington
Eugene Pallette as Uncle Henry
Harvey Stephens as Ronald Lawford
Donald Meek as Seriah Skinner
Ruth Selwyn as Dorothy
Robert Livingston as George
Claude Gillingwater as Colton
Richard Carle as Judge Forbes
G. Pat Collins as Hank
Dorothy Libaire as Edith
Raymond Brown as McGuire
Wade Boteler as Glynn
Bradley Page as Dave
William C. Camp as Clubman
Wallis Clark as Mr. Stokes
Galen Gough as Gangster
William Gould as Country Club Patron
Donald Kerr as Reporter
Wally Maher as Reporter
Frank Moran as Sleepy Prisoner
Dennis O’Keefe as Country Club Patron
Paul Porcasi as Headwaiter
Henry Roquemore as Country Club Patron
Carl Stockdale as Mr. Tunney
Robert Wayne as Clubman
Charles C. Wilson as City Editor


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