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Backfire (Edgar Wallace Mysteries – Merton Park 1962, Alfred Burke, Zena Marshall)



In Edgar Wallace Mystery Backfire businessman Bernard Curzon runs a cosmetics company, Venetia, with his shady partner Mitchell Logan. The company is in dire straits and on the verge of going under.

Logan has a plan to turn things around though, unfortunately it’s not strictly on the up and up. He wants to hire professional arsonist Willy Kyser to burn down the factory for the insurance money.

A pre Public Eye Alfred Burke plays the bad guy here and is putting on a pretty dodgy American-ish accent that drifts all over the place.

Not the best of the Edgar Wallace stories but enlivened by an appearance from Mr Burke and an excellent light-hearted riff on the soundtrack that has a few Joe Meek overtones to it.

production details
UK | Merton Park – Anglo Amalgamated | 61 minutes | 1962
Director: Paul Almond
Zena Marshall as
Alfred Burke as
Oliver Johnston as
Noel Trevarthen as