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Backstabbing for Beginners (2018, Theo James, Ben Kingsley)



Based on a true story, Backstabbing for Beginners focuses on an idealistic young employee at the U.N. investigating the grizzly murder of his predecessor — uncovering a vast global conspiracy that may involve his own boss.

production details
USA – Denmark | 108 minutes | 2018

Director: Per Fly
Script: Per Fly, Daniel Pyne,

Theo James as Michael
Jacqueline Bisset as Christina Dupre
Ben Kingsley as Pasha
Rossif Sutherland as Trevor
Brian Markinson as Rasnetsov
Rachel Wilson as Lily
Belcim Bilgin as Nashim
Shauna MacDonald as Reporter
Daniela Lavender as Ruth
Aidan Devine as Justin Cutter
Peshang Rad as Hassan
Mishu Vellani as Award Presenter
Dwight Ireland as U.S. Customs Agent
Elena Khan as Prisoner
Hattie Kragten as Kate
Alex Hatz as WSJ Editor
Carlos Pinder as Cabbie
Zahir Gilani as Bearded Man
Abbas Abdulghani as Kurdish Imam
Fabio Lusvarghi as United Nations Staff