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Battle at Bloody Beach (1961, Audie Murphy, Gary Crosby)



AUDIE MURPHY stars as Craig Benson a civilian working for the US Navy supplying the guerilla fighting in the Philippines but he is not driven by a greater good or a quest for valour but to find his wife from whom he was separated following the Japanese invasion. This was the second war film for Murphy (following his autobiographical war story To Hell and Back).

production details
US | 83 minutes | 1961

Director: Herbert Coleman
Script: Richard Maibaum

Audie Murphy as Craig Benson
Gary Crosby as Lt. Marty Sackler
Dolores Michaels as Ruth Benson
Alejandro Rey as Julio Fontana
Lillian Bronson as Delia Ellis
Barry Atwater as Jeff Pelham
Ivan Dixon as Tiger Blair
Marjorie Stapp as Caroline ‘Carrie’ Pelham
Kevin Brodie as Timmy Thompson