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Battle of Midway, The (1942, Henry Fonda, Donald Crisp)



During WWII director John Ford was serving in the Field Photographic Branch of the OSS. Ford created two films during the war: the first being this propaganda film for American audiences detailing the battle of Midway. This short film covers the attack on Midway Island, aerial planes and anti-aircraft guns, the search for survivors, and the aftermath. John Ford’s documentary footage was later re-edited, in true Hollywood fashion, with voice-over narration by professional actors (including Henry Fonda). The Battle of Midway won the Oscar in 1943 for Best Documentary.

John Ford directed an astonishing 145 films in his career, winning six Oscars. He was also the first recipient of the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award in 1973.

production details
USA | 18 minutes | 1942

Director: John Ford
Producer: John Ford
Cinematography: John Ford
Editor: John Ford, Robert Parrish
Music: Alfred Newman
Script: John Ford, James K. McGuinness, Dudley Nichols

Donald Crisp as Narrator
Henry Fonda as Narrator
Jane Darwell as Narrator