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Beautiful Stranger (1954, Ginger Rogers, Stanley Baker)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

In Beautiful Stranger, an ex-chorus girl (Ginger Rogers) lives on the Riviera, supported by a married man (Stanley Baker) she doesn’t know is a crook.

A late entry in Ginger Rogers’ career, made in the UK and with an up and coming Stanley Baker as co-lead. Known in the US as Twist of Fate.

production details
UK | Maxwell Setton | 89 minutes | 1954

Script: Robert Westerby, Carl Nystrom
Director: David Miller
Directors of Photography: Robert Day, Ted Scaife
Composer: Malcolm Arnold

Herbert Lom as Emil Landosh
Marianne Stone as Annabelle
Stanley Baker as Louis Galt
Coral Browne as Helen
Lily Kann as Nicole
Ginger Rogers as ‘Johnny’ Victor
Jacques Bergerac as Pierre Clemont
Margaret Rawlings as Marie Galt
Eddie Byrne as Luigi
Lisa Gastoni as Yvette
Ferdy Mayne as Police Chief
Keith Pyott as Georges