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Been So Long (Netflix 2018, Michaela Coel, Arinzé Kene)



Been So Long is a British musical about dedicated single mother Simone who, on an unusual night on the town, is charmed by handsome yet troubled stranger Raymond. The movie is based on the stage musical of the same name by Arthur Darvill and Ché Walker.

production details
UK | Netflix – Film Four – BFI Film Fund – Greenacre | 100 minutes | 2018

Director: Tinge Krishnan
Script: Che Walker
Music: Christopher Nicholas, Bangs, Arthur Darvill
Cinematography: Catherine Derry

Michaela Coel as Simone
Arinzé Kene as Raymond
George MacKay as Gil
Joe Dempsie as Kestrel
Arsher Ali as Jake
Luke Norris as Barney
Rakie Ayola as Martina
Genevieve Barr as Artemis
Ronke Adekoluejo as Yvonne
Ashley Thomas as Wendell
Sophia La Porta as Willesden
Frieda Thiel as Makeda
Tom Forbes as Conrad
Jo Martin as Vivienne
Jamilla Wingett as Aravind
Junade Khan as Guy