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Behemoth, The Sea Monster (1959, Gene Evans, Andre Morell)



Director Eugene Lourie moves the plot of his feature directorial debut, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953), to England in this monster movie.

After hearing reports of irradiated fish being washed up off the English coast and local fishermen suffering mysterious burns, researchers conclude that the culprit is a radioactive dinosaur, whose underwater habitat has been polluted by atomic waste. Their theories are proven correct when the beast emerges from the water and heads towards London, causing scientists to scramble for a way to eliminate the monster without showering the city with radiation.

Aka Behemoth, the Sea Monster.

production details
UK | Allied Artists | 80 minutes | 1959

Directors: Douglas Hickox, Eugene Lourie
Producers: David Diamond, Ted Lloyd
Original Story: Robert Abel, Alan Adler
Cinematography: Desmond Davis, Ken Hodges
Editor: Lee Doig
Music: Edwin T. Astley
Script: Daniel James, Eugene Lourie
Production Design: Eugene Lourie

Gene Evans as Steve Karnes
André Morell as Prof. James Bickford
John Turner as John
Leigh Madison as Jean Trevethan
Jack MacGowran as Dr. Sampson, the Paleontologist
Alastair Hunter as The Village Doctor
Maurice Kaufmann as Mini Submarine Officer
Patrick Jordan as Photo Lab Aide
Howard Lang as Naval Commader (uncredited)
Lloyd Lamble as Admiral Sommers (uncredited)
Henri Vidon as Tom Trevethan
Leonard Sachs as Dialogue Scientist at Conference (bit)
Ernest Blyth as Scientist at Conference (uncredited)
Neal Arden as TV Newscaster (uncredited)
Paul Beradi as Man Listening to Car Radio (uncredited)
Max Faulkner as PLA Radio Operator (uncredited)
Neil Hallett as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)
André Maranne as French Radio Officer (uncredited)
Derren Nesbitt as Radio Officer (uncredited)
Guy Standeven as Naval Officer in Situation Room (uncredited)