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Belle Starr (1941, Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews)



Very loosely based on a true story, Gene Tierney plays Belle, daughter of a Southern aristocrat. When the invading Yankees take over her land, she vows revenge and heads to Missouri where she marries Confederate outlaw Sam Starr (Randolph Scott), and joins him and his gang in harrying the occupying troops. In fact, the real Belle Starr was a simple outlaw who, with her Cherokee husband, used the confusion of war as an opportunity to line their own pockets; but Irving Cummings’ tough western does at least stick to the truth about her eventual demise.

production details
USA | 82 minutes | 1941

Director: Irving Cummings
Script: Lamar Trotti, Niven Busch, Cameron Rogers,


Gene Tierney as Belle Starr
Dana Andrews as Maj. Thomas Crail
Shepperd Strudwick as Ed Shirley (as John Shepperd)
Elizabeth Patterson as Sarah
Olin Howland as Jasper Trench
Joe Sawyer as John Cole (as Joseph Sawyer)
Joe Downing as Jim Cole (as Joseph Downing)
Paul E. Burns as Sergeant (as Paul Burns)
Louise Beavers as Mammy Lou
Randolph Scott as Sam Starr
Billy Wayne as Soldier
Juanita Moore as Dressed-up Freed Slave
Chill Wills as Blue Duck
Hooper Atchley as Carpetbagger
Howard C. Hickman as Colonel Thornton (as Howard Hickman)
Charles Trowbridge as Colonel Bright
James Flavin as Sergeant
Charles Middleton as Carpetbagger
Herbert Ashley as Jailer
Matthew ‘Stymie’ Beard as Young Jake
Hugh Chapman as Tench’s Son
Davison Clark as Bartender
Mary Currier as Dressmaker
Franklyn Farnum as Barfly
Edward Fielding as
Avanelle Harris as Dressed-up Freed Slave
Dolores Hurlic as Jake’s Granddaughter
Mae Marsh as Preacher’s Wife
Kermit Maynard as Union Officer
George Melford as Preacher
Adrian Morris as Maj. Grail’s Orderly
Clarence Muse as Bootblack in Saloon
George Reed as Old Jake
Clinton Rosemond as Black Man on Bench
Elena Verdugo as Young Girl
Cecil Weston as Mother
Norman Willis as Union Corporal