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Benjamin | 2019 | Colin Morgan, Phénix Brossard,



In this british comedy, a promising young filmmaker (Colin Morgan) who is thrown into emotional disarray over the impending release of his second feature, when he is introduced to a magnetic French musician called Noah.

production details
Colin Morgan as Benjamin
Phénix Brossard as Noah
Joel Fry as Stephen
Jessica Raine as Billie
Jack Rowan as Harry
Anna Chancellor as Tessa
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Paul
Michèle Belgrand as Adrienne
James Lailey as Claude
Ellie Kendrick as Anne the Dancer

Production Design: Hannah Purdy Foggin
Art Direction: Zoe Payne
Costume Design: Oliver Cronk
Cinematography: David Pimm
Director: Simon Amstell
Editor: Robin Peters
Producer: Alexandra Breede
Producer: Dominic Dromgoole
Associate Producer: Emma Green
Producer: Louise Simpson
Casting: Matilda James
Music: James Righton

UK | 85 minutes | 2019