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Best Of Benny Hill, The (1974, Benny Hill, Henry McGee)



This collection of sketches and musical numbers from Benny Hill’s long-running TV comedy series is drawn from shows aired between 1969 and 1972 (in the same way that the Monty Python team put together And Now for Something Completely Different ). This film, put together to showcase Hill’s talents to a cinema audience, contains copious doses of his trademark humour, from the Hill’s Angels, poking fun at unsuspecting male victims, to Hill’s hilarious twisting of the English language via complex ‘lectures’.

production details
UK | 83 minutes | 1974

Director: John Robins
Script: Benny Hill,

Benny Hill
Patricia Hayes
Henry McGee
Nicholas Parsons
Bob Todd
Andree Melly
Rita Webb
Lesley Goldie
Jackie Wright
Connie Georges
Nicole Shelby