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Betrayed (MGM 1954, Clark Gable, Lana Turner)



In Nazi-occupied Holland, Dutch Colonel Pieter Deventer is aligned with the British forces and searching for a traitor in his ranks. Three screen legends, Clark Gable, Lana Turner, and Victor Mature, team up for this espionage thriller – Gable and Turner for the last time.

Betrayed was in fact Clark Gable’s last film for MGM, the studio where he reigned as ‘The King’ for many years, and his fourth and final pairing with Turner.

production details
USA – UK | MGM | 108 minutes | 1954

Producer and Director: Gottfried Reinhardt
Cinematography: Freddie Young
Editors: John Dunning, Raymond Poulton
Music: Walter Goehr
Script: George Froeschel, Ronald Millar
Production Design: Alfred Junge
Costume Design: Pierre Balmain

Wilfrid Hyde-White as Gen. Charles Larraby (as Wilfrid Hyde White)
Ian Carmichael as Capt. Jackie Lawson
Leslie Weston as Pop
Roland Culver as Gen. Warsleigh
Nora Swinburne as The Scarf’s Mother
Niall MacGinnis as Blackie
Lily Kann as Jan’s Grandmother (as Lilly Kann)
Clark Gable as Col. Pieter Deventer
Lana Turner as Carla Van Oven
Victor Mature as ‘The Scarf’
Louis Calhern as Gen. Ten Eyck
O.E. Hasse as Col. Helmuth Dietrich
Christopher Rhodes as Chris
Brian Smith as Jan