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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (RKO 1956, Dana Andrews, Joan Fontaine)



Beyond a Reasonable Doubt was the last American film of the great Fritz Lang, this melodrama has a nerve-wracking premise: urged on by his prospective father-in law, a crusading newspaper publisher, a reporter (Dana Andrews) incriminates himself in a murder case, hoping to prove that a man can be convicted on flimsy circumstantial evidence. He’s convicted, all right, and then has trouble proving his innocence.

During World War I, director Fritz Lang, a conscript in the Austrian army, was wounded four times; it was during his convalescence that he began to write and act in Red Cross stage productions.

production details
USA | RKO | 80 minutes | 1956

Director: Fritz Lang
Script: Douglas Morrow,

Joan Fontaine as Susan Spencer
Barbara Nichols as Dolly Moore
Dan Seymour as Greco
Sidney Blackmer as Austin Spencer
Joe Kirk as Clothing Store Clerk
Dana Andrews as Tom Garrett
Carleton Young as Allan Kirk
Edward Binns as Lt. Kennedy
Rusty Lane as Judge
Arthur Franz as Bob Hale
Philip Bourneuf as Roy Thompson
Shepperd Strudwick as Jonathan Wilson
Robin Raymond as Terry Larue
William F. Leicester as Charlie Miller
Joyce Taylor as Joan Williams
Trudy Wroe as Hatcheck girl
Charles Evans as Governor
Wendell Niles as Announcer
John George as Newspaper Vendor