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Black Angel Black Angel


Black Angel (Universal 1946, Dan Duryea, June Vincent)



In Black Angel, an unlikely pair of sleuths, a spurned ex-wife and a cuckolded drunk, attempt to clear the errant husband of the murder of the drunkard’s wife. As the electric chair looms larger, the wife begins to suspect her new partner of the crime. The thought begins to dawn on him, too. Terrific suspenser from a novel by Cornell Woolrich.

Black Angel has a very complex opening sequence, featuring a boom shot that starts on the street and enters a penthouse apartment.

production details
USA / Universal / 81 minutes / 1946

Director: Roy William Neill / Screenplay: Roy Chanslor / Original story: Cornell Woolrich / Producers: Tom McKnight, Roy William Neill / Director of Photography: Paul Ivano Editor: Saul A. Goodkind / Composer: Frank Skinner

Dan Duryea as Martin Blair
June Vincent as Catherine Bennett
Peter Lorre as Marko
Broderick Crawford as Capt. Flood
Constance Dowling as Mavis Marlowe
Wallace Ford as Joe
Hobart Cavanaugh as Hotel Caretaker
Freddie Steele as Lucky
John Phillips as Kirk Bennett
Ben Bard as Bartender
Junius Matthews as Dr. Courtney
Marion Martin as Millie
Archie Twitchell as George Mitchell
Maurice St. Clair as Dancer
Vilova as Dancer