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Black Beauty (Tigon 1971, Mark Lester, Patrick Mower)



Anna Sewell’s book is one of the all-time best-sellers and James Hill’s film is a reasonably faithful interpretation of the famous horse’s adventures and misadventures. From being the loved companion of young Joe (Mark Lester), via a stint in a circus in Spain, and fighting for the British in India (becoming a war hero in the process), Black Beauty ends up sick and pulling a coal cart, but rescue eventually beckons and, after many years, a touching reunion…

production details
UK / Tigon – Chilton / 106 minutes / 1971

Writer: Wolf Mankowitz
Novel: Anna Sewell
Cinematography: Chris Menges
Music: Lionel Bart, John Cameron
Producer: Tony Tenser
Director: James Hill

Patrick Mower as Sam Greener
Maria Rohm as Lady Anne
Walter Slezak as Hackenschmidt
Mark Lester as Joe Evans
Peter Lee Lawrence as Gervaise
Uschi Glas as Marie Hackenschmidt
Eddie Golden as Evans
Clive Geraghty as Roger
John Hoey as Muldoon
Patrick Gardiner as O’Flaherty
Brian McGrath as Mark Beauchamp
Ronan Smith as Farmboy
John Franklyn as Coalman
Margaret Lacey as Anna Sewell
John Nettleton as Sir William



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