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Black Narcissus (London 1948, David Farrar, Deborah Kerr)



Controversial at the time of its release, this adaptation of Rumer Godden’s book Black Narcissus became a Technicolor classic (note the Academy Award-winning production design and color cinematography).

Anglican nuns attempt to establish a religious society in the Himalayas, but Sister Clodagh (Deborah Kerr), Sister Ruth (Kathleen Byron) and the others find it more challenging than they imagined. The local community and climate prove troublesome enough, but the arrival of a handsome British agent (David Farrar) fills the nuns’ minds with lustful thoughts.

Filming for Black Narcissus took place in England and Ireland. The wide Himalayan exteriors were all shot at the studio with the use of hanging miniatures and matte paintings.

production details
Country: UK | London Films | 100 minutes
Release Year: 1947

Writers, Directors and Producers: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Director of Photography: Jack Cardiff
Editor: Reginald Mills
Composer: Brian Easdale
Production Designer: Alfred Junge

Deborah Kerr as Sister Clodagh
David Farrar as Mr. Dean
Flora Robson as Sister Philippa
Kathleen Byron as Sister Ruth
Sabu as The Young General
Jean Simmons as Kanchi
Jenny Laird as Sister Honey
Judith Furse as Sister Briony
Esmond Knight as The Old General
May Hallatt as Angu Ayah
Eddie Whaley Jr. as Joseph Anthony
Shaun Noble as Con
Nancy Roberts as Mother Dorothea
Ley On as Phuba