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Blame It on Rio (TCF 1984, Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna)



Director Stanley Donen’s remake of the French farce Un Moment D’Egarement (1977) stars Michael Caine and Joseph Bologna as two middle-class fathers who bring their teenage daughters to Rio on a business trip; Caine winds up in an affair with Bologna’s voluptuous offspring, and all manner of uncomfortable moments ensue. Said Pauline Kael, Most of the movie is an attempt to squirm out from under its messy erotic-parental subject.’ Demi Moore has an early role as Caine’s daughter.’

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 100 minutes | 1984

Producer and Director: Stanley Donen
Director of Photography: Reynaldo Villalobos
Editors: George Hively, Richard Marden
Music: Ken Wannberg
Script: Larry Gelbart, Charlie Peters
Art Direction: Marcos Flaksman

Michael Caine as Matthew Hollins
Demi Moore as Nicole ‘Nikki’ Hollis
Michelle Johnson as Jennifer Lyons
Joseph Bologna as Victor Lyons
Valerie Harper as Karen Hollis
José Lewgoy as Eduardo Marques
Lupe Gigliotti as Signora Botega
Michael Menaugh as Peter
Tessy Callado as Helaine
Zeni Pereira as Mother of the Bride
Eduardo Conde as Singer in the Dance Club
Betty von Wien as Isabella
Angelo DeMatos as Dancer