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Blue Juice (1995, Sean Pertwee, Catherine Zeta-Jones)



Blue Juice, a romantic comedy drama set against the Cornish surfing scene, is the debut feature of writer/director Carl Prechezer and writer/producer Peter Salmi and stars Sean Pertwee, most recently seen in Dog Soldier , Catherine Zeta Jones, star of the current Coen Brothers hit Intolerable Cruelty and Ewan McGregor, acclaimed for his role in Young Adam .

Pertwee plays JC, a surfer approaching his 30th birthday, torn between his love of the sea and his girlfriend Chloe (Zeta Jones). Matters are brought to a head with the arrival from London of three old friends, Josh (Steven MacKintosh), Dean (McGregor) and Terry (Peter Gunn), all with their own problems to deal with.

Prechezer and Salmi reclaim the surf-movie from America with a very British take, as Pertwee, who plans to surf the world, must decide if the waves or Zeta-Jones is the more attractive proposition while the visiting trio all have their own problems of insecurity, lust and loneleiness. Beautifully shot, this is a wonderful comedy about the trouble men have in growing up and the pain women have to go through waiting for them to do so.

production details
GB | 90 minutes | 1995
Director: Carl Prechezer
Script: Peter Salmi, Carl Prechezer, Tim Veglio,

Sean Pertwee as JC
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Chloe
Ewan McGregor as Dean Raymond
Steven Mackintosh as Josh Tambini
Peter Gunn as Terry Colcott
Heathcote Williams as Shaper
Colette Brown as Junior
Michelle Chadwick as Sarah
Keith Allen as Mike
Robin Soans as Young Bob
Jenny Agutter as Guinevere / Mary Fenton
Guy Leverton as Crab
Mark Frost as Moose
Paul Reynolds as Recording Engineer
Edwin Starr as Ossie Sands