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Bold and the Brave, The (1956, Wendell Corey, Mickey Rooney)



A decade after hostilities ceased, Hollywood was still fascinated with WWII, as Lewis R Foster’s combination of drama and comedy, set in Italy, proves. GI Fairchild (Wendell Corey) questions the right to kill another human being, The Preacher (Don Taylor) sees eveything in strict terms of good and evil, and the comedy element comes from Dooley (Mickey Rooney), who runs a floating crap game with the intention of raising enough money to set up a fancy restaurant in New York. The love interest comes from Fiamma (Nicole Maurey), who Fairchild and Dooley set up for The Preacher, only for a genuine relationship to develop between the pair.

The drama comes when Dooley wins a large pot and hides it in a house that is targeted by a German tank. Desperate to save his stake, he risks his life and those of his two comrades trying to protect it. Foster, a director with over 30 films under his belt, keeps the pace flowing, and, while Rooney is the most recognisable name to modern audiences, both Corey and Taylor were famous faces at the time, the latter having recently starred in the hit Men of Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood.

production details
USA | 87 minutes | 1956

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Script: Robert Lewin

Don Taylor as Ewald ‘Preacher’ Wallister
Stanley Adams as Master Sergeant
Bobs Watson as Bob
Wendell Corey as Dave Fairchild
Mickey Rooney as Willie Dooley
Nicole Maurey as Fiamma
John Smith as Smith
Race Gentry as Hendricks
Wright King as Technician Fifth Grade
Tara Summers as Tina
Diana Darrin as Lina
Robert Easton as Soldier
Ralph Votrian as Wilbur