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The Boogie Man Will Get You The Boogie Man Will Get You


Boogie Man Will Get You, The (Columbia 1944, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre)



Winnie Slade and Bill Leyden purchase a creepy old New England hotel from the crazed Prof. Nathaniel Billings. The hotel is already peopled by eccentrics, with the basement converted into a laboratory for Billings’s experiments. When Winnie and Bill discover corpses littering their new purchase, they call in local sheriff Dr. Lorenz to investigate.

Publicity for the dark comedy The Boogie Man Will Get You promised: “You’ll be tickled to death over this gay chiller diller!

production details
USA | Columbia / 82 minutes / 1944

Director: Lew Landers
Screenplay: Edwin Blum, Paul Gangelin
Original Story: Hal Fimberg, Robert B. Hunt

Boris Karloff as Prof. Nathaniel Billings
Peter Lorre as Dr. Arthur Lorencz
Maxie Rosenbloom as Maxie – the Powder Puff Salesman
Larry Parks as Bill Layden
Jeff Donnell as Winnie Slade