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Boston Strangler, The (TCF 1968, Tony Curtis, Pamela McMyler)



The investigation of the famous murder case that haunted the citizens of Boston. Using an unusual split-screen technique, the film follows two detectives as they track the man who raped and killed 13 women in the early ’60s. Their explorations of the crimes take them on a frightening journey into the depths of a deranged mind. Curtis gives an intense performance as the psychopath.

Pamela McMyler, who plays Grace Lockwood in The Boston Strangler, plays the lead female role in Steven Spielberg’s 1968 theatrical short Amblin, the film that won both Spielberg and McMyler contracts with Universal Studios.

production details
USA | Twentieth Century Fox | 116 minutes | 1968

Director: Richard Fleischer
Producer: Robert Fryer
Cinematography: Richard H. Kline
Editor: Marion Rothman
Music: Lionel Newman
Script: Edward Anhalt
Production Design: Richard Day, Jack Martin Smith

Tony Curtis as Albert DeSalvo
George Kennedy as Det. Phil DiNatale
George Tyne as Dr. Kramer
Jeff Corey as John Asgeirsson
Carole Shelley as Dana Banks
George Furth as Lyonel Brumley
Leora Dana as Mary Bottomly
Henry Fonda as John S. Bottomly
Mike Kellin as Julian Soshnick
Hurd Hatfield as Terence Huntley
Murray Hamilton as Det. Frank McAfee
Sally Kellerman as Dianne Cluny
William Marshall as Atty. Gen. Edward W. Brooke
George Voskovec as Peter Hurkos
Carolyn Conwell as Irmgard DeSalvo
Jeanne Cooper as Cloe
Austin Willis as Dr. Nagy
Lara Lindsay as Bobbie Eden
Richard X. Slattery as Det. Capt. Ed Willis
William Hickey as Eugene T. O’Rourke
Eve Collyer as Ellen Ridgeway
Gwyda Donhowe as Alice Oakville
Alex Dreier as News Commentator
John Cameron Swayze as T.V. Narrator
Shelley Burton as David Parker
Elizabeth Baur as Harriet Fordin
James Brolin as Det. Sgt. Phil Lisi
Dana Elcar as Luis Schubert
William Traylor as Arnie Carr