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Bounty, The (Dino De Laurentis 1984, Mel Gibson, Anthony Hopkins)



Adapted from Richard Hough’s book, Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian, The Bounty is the fourth feature dramatization of the 1789 mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty. The story is told in flashbacks by Captain Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) who is explaining the loss of his ship to Admiral Hood (Laurence Olivier) and the British naval board.

He chronicles how he, his first mate Fletcher Christian (Mel Gibson) and the crew set sail on the Bounty to acquire breadfruit in Tahiti. The long and difficult voyage brings Bligh into conflict with his crew and upon arrival in Tahiti, the men find the allures of the island too much to resist. Unable to restore order, Bligh resorts to brutal disciplinary measures. Christian leads the crew in a mutiny and casts Bligh and his supporters off the island in a lifeboat.

David Lean acquired the rights to Richard Hough’s book ‘Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian’ and had intended to film it, but he left the production to Dino De Laurentiis when he undertook ‘A Passage to India’ (1984).

production details
USA | Dino De Laurentiis Productions – Orion Pictures | 132 minutes | 1984
Director: Roger Donaldson
Script: Robert Bolt, Richard Hough,

Phil Davis as Edward Young
Dexter Fletcher as Thomas Ellison
Edward Fox as Captain Greetham
Jack May as Richter
Bernard Hill as William Cole
Wi Kuki Kaa as König Tynah
Daniel Day-Lewis as John Fryer
Andrew Wilde as William McCoy
Mel Gibson as Fletcher Christian
Malcolm Terris as Dr. John Huggan
Simon Chandler as David Nelson
Anthony Hopkins as Lieutenant William Bligh
Laurence Olivier as Admiral Hood
Liam Neeson as Charles Churchill
Tevaite Vernette as Mauatua
Philip Martin Brown as John Adams
Simon Adams as Thomas Heywood
John Sessions as John Smith
Neil Morrissey as Matthew Quintal
Richard Graham as John Mills
Pete Lee-Wilson as William Purcell
Jon Gadsby as John Norton
Brendan Conroy as Robert Lamb
Barry Dransfield as Michael Byrne
Steve Fletcher as James Valentine
Mary Kauila as König Tynahs Frau
Sharon Bower as Lieutenant William Blighs Frau
Tavana as König Tynahs Berater