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Brady Bunch Movie, The (1995, Gary Cole, Shelley Long)



Director Betty Thomas (better known as Lucy Bates from Hill Street Blues ) directs this comedy about one of America’s favourite TV families of the 70s. Except it’s the 90s and, while the world has moved on, they haven’t, with parents Mike and Carol (Gary Cole and Shelly Long) and their brood now irritating anachronisms rather than the loved, slightly goofy family.

But there’s hope for their neighbours – they’ve forgotten to pay their property taxes and next-door neighbour Mr Diymeyer (Michael McKean) can buy their home, orange formica kitchen fittings and all, and raze it to the ground as part of his property development schemes. Can the family raise $20,000 in just one week? Watch out for cameo appearances from some of the original cast.

production details
USA | 84 minutes | 1995

Director: Betty Thomas
Script: Rick Copp, Laurice Elehwany,

Jack Noseworthy as Eric Dittmeyer
Shelley Long as Carol Brady
Gary Cole as Mike Brady
Tamara Mello as Stacy
Jennifer Elise Cox as Jan Brady
Jean Smart as Mrs. Dena Dittmeyer
Keone Young as Mr. Watanabe
RuPaul as Mrs. Cummings
Christine Taylor as Marcia Brady
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Greg Brady
Paul Sutera as Peter Brady
Olivia Hack as Cindy Brady
Jesse Lee Soffer as Bobby Brady
Henriette Mantel as Alice Nelson
David Graf as Sam Franklin
Florence Henderson as Grandma
Megan Ward as Donna Leonard
Michael McKean as Mr. Larry Dittmeyer
Alanna Ubach as Noreen
Shane Conrad as Doug Simpson
Marissa Ribisi as Holly
R.D. Robb as Charlie Anderson