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BrainWaves (1983, Tony Curtis,



An injured woman receives new brainwaves via a remarkable new procedure and suffers some unexpectedly dangerous results, in this tense sci-fi thriller. After Kaylie (Suzanna Love) falls into a coma following a car accident, her husband (Keir Dullea, 2001: A Space Odyssey) and mother (Vera Miles, Psycho) agree to a groundbreaking operation, allowing her to survive and recover by way of a new brain–not knowing the donor was a murdered woman. Kaylie finds herself able to see horrific images of the slaying …and the unknown murderer, in this medical chiller co-starring Tony Curtis. Aka Mind Games.

BrainWaves is one of a series of thrillers made by producer/director Ulli Lommel that star his wife (and sometimes screenwriter) Suzanna Love. Other titles by the couple include The Boogeyman (1980) and The Devonsville Terror (1983).

production details
USA | 77 minutes | 1983

Director: Ulli Lommel
Producer: Ulli Lommel
Cinematography: Jon Kranhouse
Editor: Richard S. Brummer
Music: Robert O. Ragland
Script: Buz Alexander, Ulli Lommel, Suzanna Love

Tony Curtis as Dr. Clavius
Vera Miles as Marian Koonan
Keir Dullea as Julian Bedford
Suzanna Love as Kaylie Bedford
Ryan Seitz as Danny Bedford
Percy Rodrigues as Dr. Robinson
Paul Willson as Dr. Schroder
Eve Brent as Mrs. Simpson
Nicholas Love as Willy Meiser
Corinne Wahl as Leila Adams (as Corinne Alphen)



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