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Bull Durham (1988, Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon)



Ron Shelton’s romantic baseball movie looks for the spiritual in sports, while also establishing the writer/director as Hollywood’s wittiest observer of organized athletics. Susan Sarandon plays Annie Savoy, the mature, intelligent groupie of a minor-league North Carolina baseball team who keeps a shrine to baseball in her room and takes it upon herself to choose a new young player each year to be her ‘project.’

Tim Robbins plays Nuke Laloosh, her talented but dim new recruit, and Kevin Costner plays Crash Davis, the older, wiser player charged with ironing out Nuke’s rough spots. More muse than groupie, Annie teaches Nuke about life but ultimately learns a few things herself from Crash.

Bull Durham baseball consultant Pete Bock said the movie’s star, Kevin Costner, was an excellent ballplayer and a switch hitter. ‘We kidded him if he’d give up movies real quick, we’d sign him,’ Bock said.

production details
USA / 108 minutes / 1988

Director: Ron Shelton
Producers: Mark Burg, Thom Mount
Cinematography: Bobby Byrne
Editor: Robert Leighton
Music: Michael Convertino
Script: Ron Shelton
Production Design: Armin Ganz

Kevin Costner as Crash Davis
Susan Sarandon as Annie Savoy
Tim Robbins as Ebby Calvin ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh
Trey Wilson as Joe Riggins
Robert Wuhl as Larry Hockett
William O’Leary as Jimmy
David Neidorf as Bobby
Danny Gans as Deke
Tom Silardi as Tony
Lloyd T. Williams as Mickey McFee
Rick Marzan as Jose
George Buck as Mr. Laloosh
Garland Bunting as Teddy Cullinane
Robert Dickman as Whitey Sherrard
Jenny Robertson as Millie
Henry G. Sanders as Sandy Grimes



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