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Bullseye! (Paramount 1990, Michael Caine, Roger Moore)



This spy spoof stars Michael Caine and Roger Moore as a pair of criminals who just happen to be the spitting image of two nuclear scientists of equally dubious motivation. They con their way into the scientists’ safe deposit boxes, but in so doing get caught up in a dangerous world of espionage. Features an unbilled cameo by John Cleese.

Bullseye! story creator and screenwriter Leslie Bricusse is best known as a talented Oscar-nominated lyricist of many beloved songs from films like Doctor Doolittle (1967) and Scrooge (1970).

production details
USA | Paramount | 95 minutes | 1990

Director: Michael Winner
Producer: Michael Winner
Director of Photography: Alan Jones
Editor: Terry Rawlings
Music: John Du Prez
Script: Leslie Bricusse
Production Design: John Blezard

Sally Kirkland as Willie
Michael Caine as Sidney Lipton / Doctor Hicklar
Mark Burns as Nigel Holden
John Woodnutt as Bank Manager
Jenny Seagrove as Heath Club Receptionist and Girl with John Cleese
Tony Caron as Warder
Lee Patterson as Darrell Hyde
R.J. Bell as Big Boss at Auction
Roger Moore as Garald Bradley-Smith / Sir John Bevistock
Deborah Moore as Flo Fleming
Derren Nesbitt as Inspector Grosse
Deborah Leng as Francesca
Christopher Adamson as Death’s Head
Steffanie Pitt as Donna Dutch
Eddie Yeoh as Korean Bidder
Raymond Johnson as Nigerian Bidder
Nadio Fortune as Italian Bidder
Amir M. Korangy as Iranian Bidder
Angus MacKay as Reverend Simkin
Robert McBain as Lawyer
John Cleese as Man on the Beach in Barbados Who Looks Like John Cleese
Billy J. Mitchell as Elmer, Tourist
Mildred Shay as Jolene, Tourist
Leslie Lowe as Lovely Lady on Train
Drew Millar as Cabbie
Daniel Coll as Tim
Francis Drake as Rabbi Blum
Cynthia Michaelis as Rabbi’s Wife
Nicholas Courtney as Sir Hugh
Barbara Dixon-Law as Amy Hicklar
Alexandra Pigg as Car Hire Girl
Patsy Kensit as Sick Lady on Train
Kathleen Smith as Mrs Thatcher
Steve Nallon as Mrs Thatcher (Voice)
Mary Reynolds as The Queen
Kate Robbins as The Queen (Voice)
Kiran Shah as Little Boss at Auction
Pamela Binns as The Duchess
John Scott Martin as Old Jeweller
Gary Lammin as Ronald
Cliff Taylor as Husband on Train
Barry Linehan as Chesterton
Jeff Harding as Agent Merrow