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Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968, Gina Lollobrigida, Telly Savalas)



Gina Lollobrigida plays Carla Campbell, a glamorous Italian who, during the war, had affairs with three members of the US Army Air Force (Phil Silvers, Peter Lawford and Telly Savalas). After they have returned home, she finds she is pregnant, convinces each that they are the father and proceeds to cash their monthly support cheques. She convinces the villagers that the father was a fictious hero, Captain Eddie Campbell.

Everything is going smoothly until, 20 years later, all three of the ‘fathers’ return for a reunion of the squadron, accompanied by their wives and childern. Melvin Franks’ film plays to the hilt with Lollobrigida’s sultriness playing against Silvers’ humour, firmly in Bilko mould, while Savalas can glower with the best of them.

production details
US | 108 minutes | 1968
Director: Melvin Frank
Script: Denis Norden, Melvin Frank, Sheldon Keller,

Shelley Winters as Shirley Newman
Gina Lollobrigida as Carla Campbell
Lee Grant as Fritzie Braddock
Peter Lawford as Justin Young
Phil Silvers as Phil Newman
Telly Savalas as Walter Braddock
Janet Margolin as Gia Campbell
Marian McCargo as Lauren Young (as Marian Moses)
Naomi Stevens as Rosa
Renzo Palmer as Mayor
Giovanna Galletti as Countess
James Mishler as Stubby
Dale Cummings as Pete
Philippe Leroy as Vittorio