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Bwana Devil (UA1952, Robert Stack, Nigel Bruce)



This adventure story about a pair of lions attacking railroad workers in Africa was the first commercially released 3-D feature. After several people are killed and hunters fail to get rid of the lions, Bob Hayward (Robert Stack) takes it upon himself to kill the bloodthirsty animals. When released, audiences came in droves to don colored glasses and watch spears fly off the screen and lions leap out at them.

Bwana Devil filmmaker Arch Oboler heard about lion attacks while starting a film in Africa in 1948. Ditching that project, he wrote a new script and began shooting Bwana Devil.

production details
USA | United Artists | 79 minutes | 1952

Director: Arch Oboler
Producer: Arch Oboler
Cinematography: Joseph F. Biroc
Editor: John Hoffman
Music: Gordon Jenkins
Script: Arch Oboler

Robert Stack as Bob Hayward
Barbara Britton as Alice Hayward
Nigel Bruce as Dr. Angus McLean
Ramsay Hill as Major Parkhurst
Paul McVey as Commissioner
Hope Miller as Portuguese girl
John Dodsworth as Sir William Drayton
Patrick O’Moore as Ballinger